by Victoria Kintner Griswold ~ art by Sharon Vargo

In a jungle full of musical animals, a spider monkey has a wonderful idea. What if he and his friends played their music together instead of alone? Join Monkey as he gathers his rain-forest friends, one by one, for a musical adventure.                                                                      Release Date - October 2019


by A. Kidd ~cover art by Sharon Vargo

Stars with healing powers are falling from the sky.

Feisty  fourth-grader Julia’s best friend in the entire universe is her  grandmother. Julia and Grammu share secrets while cooking soup together,  stay up late eating junk food and watching scary movies, and go  stargazing on Blackberry Hill. They even wish on the same star every  night.

But everything changes when Grammu catches the disappearing  disease: little by little, she’s turning invisible. If Julia can catch a  falling star, then her wish to save Grammu will come true. All Julia  needs to do now is find the legendary ladder to the stars…

The Garden Symphony


by Victoria Griswold ~ art by Sharon Vargo

In a warm spring garden, Ladybug awakens with a song in her heart. But unlike her friends, she can't seem to find an instrument that will bring her song to life. Ladybug's search takes readers on a journey filled with beautiful music, new friends and challenges to overcome. Is her friend Firefly right? Are all creatures given their own song to sing?

Listen along with the story.  This book has special music that you can listen and move along to as you read the story!

Kids Ink Children's Bookstore Release

Dec. 8, 2018

Kids Ink Children's Bookstore 

5619 N Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46208

Kids Ink be hosting a cozy gathering to celebrate the release of the ISO  first Teddy Bear series books. "The Garden Symphony,"  written by  violinist Victoria Kintner Griswold and illustrated by Sharon Vargo!  


by Shannon Anderson ~art by Sharon Vargo

When Monster and Dragon discover a poetry contest, they both decide the are in it to win it. Making the most of every minute, Monster and  Dragon try out many kinds of poems. They drop their entries into the box right before the deadline, with high fives and high hopes.


by Sharon Vargo

Señor Felipe, a photographer, finally has an assignment. He is to make a set of photographs of objects, beginning with each letter of the Spanish alphabet. Yes, amigo, Señor Felipe can speak Spanish! Join him and his trusty parrot on theri remote island for an action-packed alphabet adventure!

Awarded a Bank Street Best Children's Books of the Year - 2002

Señor Felipe an alligator photographer is an accident waiting to happen. In the course of his assignment to photograph object that begin with each letter of the 'Spanish Alphabet,' many incidents occur. In fact, it is hopeless Felipe's clumsiness the propels the narrative upon which this alphabet book hangs. He slips, slides and crashes around his small island home, taking pictures that are identified in both English and Spanish- the 'Where's Waldo' aspect, as well as Felipe's wise crackling parrot, lend child appeal.   -School Library Journal

Señor Felipe’s Alphabet Adventure is avalible at TumbleBook Library

The TumbleBook Library collection has over 1100 titles. Available to public libraries and elementary schools, with content most appropriate for those in grades K-6. It includes animated talking picture books, chapter books, videos, non-fiction titles, playlists, books in languages other than English such as French and Spanish, graphic novels and math stories. Check your local library or school.


by Terry Webb Harshman ~ art by Sharon Vargo

It's a stormy night. Bessie is snug in her bed. There is a rat-a-tat on Bessie's door. Who could it be? Hint: Animals that live in dens or lairs or nest might not be snug and warm in a storm.

"The Silly Millies are carefully crafted early readers designed to help kids move from one reading level to the next on their way to independent reading. The combination of facts and fun in these readers makes this series an excellent choice for your beginning reader."

-Lea M. McGee Ed.D Professor Literacy Education University of Alabama

PreS-Gr 2-A fun beginning reader. One stormy night, a bathrobe-clad woman generously shares her warm, dry bed with several animals that have been washed out from their homes. Sharing

 doesn't necessarily mean getting along, as each creature finds a way to make a ruckus: Sheep "-kicked at Fox,/who snapped at Snake,/who hissed at Bear,/who growled at Cat,/who spit and spat,/and that was that-.” Finally, a loud peal of thunder and Bessie's demand that they end their rudeness causes them to behave and snuggle up. However, peace and quiet are still not possible, as Bessie’s rumbling snores force the ungrateful menagerie to carry their host out to the shed for the rest of the night. Harshman’s cumulative rhyme creates lots of anticipation and, with each new knock at the door, an awareness of animal behavior and habitats. Vargo's humorous mixed-media drawings in predominant shades of blue and purple add a comic quality to the verses. — School Library Journal 

Silly Miillie 2 Beginning to Read Alone


by Kathy Ross ~ illustrated by Sharon Vargo

A book of creepy crafts!

Boo! Kids can make 20 marvelous monsters for all sorts-of purposes. There are Halloween costume ideas, party ideas, practical ideas, jewelry ideas, and more! From the Howling Banshee Mask to the Dracula Soap Dispenser to the Blob in a Bottle Necklace, these crafts guarantee a monstrously good time!

"An above-average instructional book featuring 20 monster-themed crafts for kids who enjoy anything creepy, crawly or just plain fun. . . these projects are to wear, share and scare." 

- School Library Journal


by Kathy Ross ~ art by Sharon Vargo

Play-Doh Fun and Games

Play-Doh is fun to play with all by itself, but did you ever think that you could use  Play-Doh modeling compound to make other toys and games? Well, you can! You and a friend can have a great time playing Tic Tac Doh. By yourself? Don't worry, you can make a Play-doh Puppet Pal. The clown Puzzle is a variation on the roll-the-balls-into-the -holes game. Keep Play-doh on the Go in your pocket and you'll never be bored. All together, there is 20 great toy and game projects to make from Play-doh and simple household items. 

Play-Doh Art Projects 

You don't need paints and brushes to be an artist! Create your masterpieces with Play-doh modeling compound instead!  All of us love to sculpt with Play-Doh -but have you ever thought about painting with it? How about designing a new hat or personalized stationery? Here are 20 unique projects for future artists and designers. Whether you tastes run toward automotive design or fashion design, etching or cake decorating, there's a Play-Doh project here for you. 

Play-Doh Animal Fun

Kids love animals. And kids love Play-Doh modeling compound. The combination makes for hours of educational fun! If creepy crawlies don't bother you, try making the Scurrying Cockroach model. If you prefer the beauty of nature, make the Compact Butterfly. Crafting the Emperor Penguin Family will teach you about the unusual way penguin eggs are kept warm. If you like action, then The Porcupine and Dog Incident is for you! All together; there are 20 great animal project to make from 

simple household items.  

Play -Doh Halloween

A Halloween-themed craft book offers instructions for 20 easy-to-make crafts, such as a Jack-o-Lantern necklace, Peeping Window  Eyes, and Blob Party Cup. Sorry this book is out of print.

Play-Doh is exclusively produced by Hassbro Inc.


by Cynthia L. Copeland ~ illustrated by Sharon Vargo

Being the new kid in school can be a challenge. But you can turn some of those hard things -such as not being able to find the bathroom- into FUN things! Here are 15 ways to make your days as a new kid great! You'll never want to be an  "old" kid again

"The Silly Millies are carefully crafted early readers designed to help kids move from one reading level to the next on their way to independent reading. The combination of facts and fun in these readers makes this series an excellent choice for your beginning reader."
-Lea M. McGee Ed.D Professor Literacy Education University of Alabama

Silly Millie 3 - Reading Alone


Contributing Author ~Edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins pictuers by Sachiko Yoshikawa

From the very first day of the school year, there is so much to do! So grab your backpack, hop on that school bus, and don't forget your lunch. Whether you're practicing for the spelling bee or getting ready for the big school play, there isn't a moment to lose!

Lee Bennett Hopkins delivers an assortment of twenty spectacular poems from writers such as Jane Yolen, Alice Schertle, and J. Patrick Lewis thatare perfect for show-and-tell. Sachiko Yoshikawa's vivid illustrations are sure to delight the whole class!

I Can Read 2 - Reading with help


Contributing Artist ~ by Grace Linn and Robert Mercer

It’s snowing art! Eric Carle, Emily Arnold McCully, David McPhail, MarjoriePriceman, Mark Teague, 

Eric Rohmann, and many more award-winning children’s book illustrators have created amazing artwork for an important cause. Gorgeous snowflakes fall on each spread—on one spread snowmen dance, on another children ice-skate. Haiku by well-known writers celebrate the season, and there is even a full-size snowflake to punch out and hang up!

Robert’s Snowflakes is the perfect gift for a collector, an art lover, and anyone who wants to support the fight against cancer. 100% of the royalties of this book go to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Page after page, beautifully illustrated snowflakes fall from the sky,  children skate, and snowmen dance--while poetry of hope pleads for the  promise of a cure.


by Rand McNally and Company ~ art by Sharon Vargo

Alphabet Travels ~ My First Backseat Books

For young travelers, Alphabet Travels includes games, puzzles, coloring fun and stickers. 

Colorful illustrations by Sharon Vargo.